VirSyn releases Poseidon 1.3

The new version incorporates a Waterfall spectrum display for better visualization of the sound model and allows for keytracking the residual noise spectrum. This update and a new set of 80 presets and 29 sound models is free for all registered users.

New Features:
* ‘Waterfall’ spectrum display for better visualization of the sound model.
* Tracking parameter for residual noise component allows for more realistic/artistic usage of filtered noise in sounds.
* 80 new presets / 29 new sound models.

* Mac: MIDI program change messages now working with closed GUI.
* Mac/RTAS: Settings now stored properly.
* Attack time of amplitude envelope works goes now down to 0 milliseconds for immediate attacks.

Some of the new presets/sound models are included in the fully functional/time limited demo version available at the Virsyn website where you will also find a demo tune which only uses the new presets/soundmodels.


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