Digidesign Structure coming to a store near you

Digidesign is pleased to announce that Structure is now available. Developed by the acclaimed Digidesign Advanced Instrument Research (A.I.R.) group and optimized exclusively for Pro Tools, Structure is a powerful RTAS virtual instrument that redefines the art of sampling, allowing you to freely create, sculpt, and refine everything from simple acoustic instruments to highly complex soundscapes with amazing ease, in real time.

Structure comes with an extensive library of high-quality sounds from A.I.R. and EastWest, welcomes the use of your own sample libraries, and lets you create your own samples directly from your Pro Tools sessions via drag-and-drop. It also features an impressive universal sound engine with support for an unlimited number of nestable patches, optimally manages sample streaming along with Pro Tools playback, and includes a powerful multi-effects processing engine. Whether you’re a musician, sound designer, audio engineer, or post-production editor, Structure offers superior playability and performance.

Structure is available for purchase at your local authorized Digidesign dealer and the online DigiStore. If you’re a Digidesign Soft SampleCell owner, you can purchase Structure at a special upgrade price of only €175 (regularly €440) from now until July 16th, 2007.


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