Muse Research announces Receptor with Native Instruments Komplete 4 Pre-installed

Muse Research announced today a new model of their Receptor hardware plug-in player: Receptor with Komplete Inside. This new product features the astounding and comprehensive Komplete 4 software collection from Native Instruments pre-installed, pre-registered, and ready to make music right out of the box.

The product represents a new level of convenience for customers, free of the effort required to install and authorize the software on an off-the-shelf computer system. With 12 award-winning virtual instruments and effects along with thousands of presets, Receptor with Komplete Inside makes this phenomenal collection of software come alive in a completely self-contained package. The product comes with two extra installations available letting you install Komplete 4 on your studio or laptop computers as well. The package is available now through select U.S. retailers at a special price of $2799 USD retail MAP – a $1000 savings over the price of the two products purchased separately.

Receptor with Komplete Inside: everything you need in a user-friendly package.
Receptor has a well-deserved reputation as the ideal way to run your favorite virtual instruments and effects. Many users comment on how Receptor’s intuitive host environment makes their favorite plug-ins act and feel more “real”. The convenience of Receptor’s completely integrated design, superior performance, and stellar sound has made it the choice of some of the world’s biggest bands, producers, and engineers. Now with the power of Komplete inside, Receptor is the perfect alternative to a sound module, synth, sampler, or guitar / effects processor with a comprehensive assortment of instruments and effects and thousands of presets to choose from.

Something for every musician and every musical situation
Whether you play classical, rock, country, rap, dance, jazz, music theater, or all of the above, Receptor with Komplete Inside has you covered thanks to the 12 award-winning instruments and effects that come ready to go. Amazing acoustic and electric pianos, synths, organs, strings, drums, and more are available to you with just the push of a button, giving you more musical power than you ever thought possible in a single two–rack space unit. And Receptor is equally at home on the road or in the studio, with pro-grade audio I/O for playing live and our unique UniWire technology for integration with your DAW in the studio.

Convenience and a great value
In a world where it’s common to have to pay extra for added convenience, Receptor with Komplete Inside makes having world-class sounds and effects available right of the box an incredible value that saves you time and money. If you were to buy Receptor and install Komplete 4 yourself, you’d pay $3798 at list price, and you would have to install and authorize the software on your Receptor before use. The Receptor + Komplete inside package is available to you at a remarkable $2799 MAP (US) – a savings of $1000 – and you can spend the installation time you saved making music!

“We know that many Receptor owners already use our software for their creative work every day,” says Daniel Haver, CEO of Native Instruments. “We fully endorse the versatile concept of the Receptor, and we are happy to team up with Muse Research to now provide this powerful combination to musicians in an even more affordable and convenient way.”

“To say we’re excited about this new configuration of Receptor would be an understatement. ” explains Chris Halaby, President and CEO of Muse Research. “Nothing else on the market compares to Komplete’s comprehensive collection of pianos, organs, synthesizers, drums, orchestral sounds, guitar amp models and effects. Its everything you need in a compact, portable, and powerful package that will continue to deliver value for years to come.” he concludes.

Receptor with Komplete Inside is available now through select retailers worldwide.

Muse Research

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