djDecks v0.82 released

djDecks v0.82 has been released and can be downloaded on the download page. New features include native support for the Vestax VCI-100 midi controller, various improvements that help make djDecks more stable and various bug fixes.

Version 0.82 improvements:
-Improved: Various small performance improvements to user interface drawing
-Improved: Any command can now be bound to a keyboard shortcut
-Improved: (Skinning) Multiple tabgroups can be used for one window in a skin
-Improved: BPM Detection done in a separate thread for faster detection and reduced risk for audio skips
-Improved: Track loading scheduling so that even on high cpu load loading should keep up with playback
-Improved: Less warnings shown when an audio device was not found
-Improved: Tab selections on effect window are now stored
-Added: Learn button added to the keyboard shortcut configuration
-Added: Playlist font size can be altered by using CTRL++ and CTRL+-
-Added: Native support for Vestax VCI-100 controller
-Added: More shortcuts for sampler actions
-Added: Windows Audio Session output driver for windows vista
-Added: ‘loop_setin’ and ‘loop_setout’ keyboard shortcuts
-Fixed: Crash when trying to load certain wav tags
-Fixed: Crash with certain VST effects
-Fixed: Bug with autoadvance
-Fixed: Bug with learn button for midi devices on ports other than port 0
-Fixed: Track loading warning no longer pops up behind explorer windows
-Fixed: Some problems with the tag database
-Fixed: Stereo voice removal effect is working again

Recently, the djDecks skins site has also been launched, where users can submit their own djDecks skins.

djDecks Skins

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