Imageline releases Morphine Additive Virtual Synthesizer

Imageline is proud to announce Morphine, the first additive synth created by Maxx Claster (the author of Toxic III and Poizone).

Morphine introduces a minor revolution to the world of Additive Synthesis. With low CPU usage algorithms that retain a warm sound without sacrificing articulation accuracy, and a flexible architecture, Morphine moves instantly to the top of its class.

* High quality sound engine optimized for low CPU usage and fast amplitude and frequency modulation response.
* 4 independent “Generators” per voice.
* Keyboard layering with 128 unique Keyboard Zones.
* Unlimited number of harmonic “snapshots” (breakpoints) per spectrum.
* Amplitude, Detune, Panning control for all harmonics.
* Filtering and Velocity response for each Generator source.
* Highly CPU optimized, accurate Resynthesis allowing emulation of audio samples with high precision.
* Manual override options for the resynthesis process to achieve most accurate emulations.
* Ability to import waveshapes from audio file.
* Variable-time control for spectra, mix/morph envelopes (can also be linked to key number, velocity or any other controller).
* 4 PWM Filters (spectral emulation of comb filtering, unison or pulse-width).
* Additional generator that allows any Noise Sample audio file to be mixed with the synthesized sound, complete with filtering.
* Morphing path, morphs harmonics in real-time, controlled internally or from external modulation source/s.
* Morphing Square, mixes the 4 Generator sources with a single convenient interface.
* 4 multipoint (EG) envelopes can be routed to many internal Morphine controls.
* 1 to 32 note polyphony, user selectable.
* ADSR master envelope.
* Velocity response is adjustable.
* Up to 5 built-in simultaneous effects: Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Equalizer, Distortion.
* Attractive, user friendly interface, developed through 1000’s of man-hours testing and development.
* 290 high quality factory sounds.

Morphine is available for Windows and Mac OS X in VST, Audio Unit and Standalone formats. It is currently available for the introductory price of $99 until the end of July. The full price will then be $159. Demo versions are available.


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