Karma-Lab releases Korg M3 Video Operation Guide Online

Karma-Lab has released two videos as part of a comprehensive M3 Video Operation Guide, focusing on all basic features of the new Korg M3 Workstation.

Whether you’ve just purchased an M3, or you’re thinking of trying one out at a dealer, these videos are full of sound demos and performances that show you all the basic ins and outs of the unit, up close and personal.

Stephen Kay presents a comprehensive Video Operation Guide to the M3 in multiple sections.

Part 1 covers the following sections:
1. Basic Navigation
2. The Control Surface
3. Reloading the Factory Data

Part 2 covers the following sections:
4. Program Mode
5. Radias EXB Expansion Option

Next to these videos covering the operation of the Korg M3, there several other videos on the M3:
– Korg M3 – Video Demo Sequence “KARMA-fied!”
A video companion to the M3 Factory Demo Sequence “KARMA-fied!” created by Stephen Kay. Utilizing real-time performances with 8 different Combis, each section was then augmented and further developed using the internal and external sequencers.

– Korg M3 – Introduction and KARMA Features
Stephen Kay presents a brief introduction to the new Korg M3, discussing the second generation KARMA Technology it inherits from the OASYS. Includes real-time performances of three of the new Combis from the Factory Voicing.

Karma-Labs Videos

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