Moog Introduces New Little Phatty Editor Librarian Software

The introduction of the Moog Little Phatty synth in March 2006 marked a new era in Moog’s history, bringing the features and functionality of its high-end analog instruments to a broader audience.

Today, Moog continues to push the electronic music world into another dimension with the introduction of the Little Phatty Editor Librarian. This computer software is compatible with the Little Phatty and allows users to control, organize and play their synth like never before.

The Little Phatty Editor Librarian is designed to be the ultimate tool for organizing and creating presets for both the Little Phatty Tribute and Stage Editions. Through a MIDI connection from the Little Phatty to a computer, this program can receive and replace single presets or an entire bank of presets. Once the presets are transmitted to the Little Phatty Editor Librarian, all preset parameters can be displayed in a graphical user interface, including edit functions like Pot Mapping and Filter Poles. The presets can easily be uploaded and downloaded between the synth and a computer, making for easy creation, organization, storage and implementation of the sounds you need.

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