Electrix releases Repeater plugin plus 2008 announcements

Electrix has released Virtual Repeater Pro, a plug-in for live loop recording, sampling and overdubbing using your PC or Mac. Sync your loops to audio or MIDI and control them with your hands or feet. Record a loop and then speed it up or slow it down – without affecting the pitch. Other Effects and features include Time Stretching, Undo, Reverse, Slip, Overdub and Resample which allows you to bounce multiple tracks down to one.

Tech Features:
* Easy to use intuitive GUI
* Classic Repeater and Modern control interface
* Pitch shift; +12/-24 semitones
* Time stretch; 1bpm to 150% of recorded rate
* Individual track transport; play, stop, reverse
* Up to 12 tracks per loop
* Seamless loop cue and engage
* Advanced real-time beat detection and locking; 60-240bpm
* MIDI Sync and Control
* ASIO audio interfacing
* VST Effects hosting
* VST Effect operation mode
* Multi-core Processing Engine
* Sample rates up to 96KHz
* 32-bit floating point processing

Product announcements for 2008
– Repeater 2: Features and ease-of-use make Repeater 2 the ultimate tool for Loopers, Song Writers and Creative Live Performers.
– FilterFactor 2: Put the analog edge back into your sound! Run keyboards, samples or guitar tr8acks through the Filter Factory 2 and you’ll get everything from thick, retro filter sweeps to sub harmonic rumblings or even tweeter-shredding mayhem. Four Filters types include Low pass, High Pass, Band Pass, and Notch filters. LFO (low frequency oscillator) with beat divisions syncable to tap tempo or MIDI clock.
– Warp Factory 2: Make any sound speak! Simply plug in a microphone to use the built in oscillator for the classic vocoder voice. Or combine any two signals to create human-like, “intergalactic” sounds. 24 intelligent filter bands deliver incredible sound clarity. Front panel mic input and built in oscillator equals plug n’ play vocoding.
– MOFX 2: MO-FX 2 makes it easy to synchronize time-based effects. Synchronizing – Flange, Tremolo, and Delay just got as simple as tapping in a tempo or sending MO-FX MIDI clock. Sculpt your sound without losing the beat! Analog modeled Distortion will take you from subtle warming to total crunching mayhem.

These products will be available from early 2008 till summer 2008.

More information here.

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