Tutorials for SampleRobot online

Skylife has just put some tutorials online where you can find a lot of tips and tricks regarding SampleRobot. SampleRobot is the unique audio sampling software solution for musicians and sound designers. For the first time it is possible to very easily clone real musical instruments automatically. So you can transfer your musical instruments very easily to the digital domain and then play them with any available software sampler.

Video Tutorial 1: Getting Started – Preset Manager
Video Tutorial 2: Graphical User Interface, Part 1
Video Tutorial 2: Graphical User Interface, Part 2
Video Tutorial 3: WaveRobot Editing

Other news from Skylife (if you might have missed it), is the release of SampleRobot Version 2.50. With the new generation 2.50 of award-winning audio software SKYLIFE SampleRobot it is now even easier and faster to clone musical instruments. In addition to the new Project Wizard a lot of functions have been included to make SampleRobot an indispensable creative tool for composers, music producers and sound designers. Furthermore all SampleRobot products include hundreds of megabytes of high quality and rare synthesizer multi-samples.


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