Musicrow releases PianoBoy VSTi

The Musicrow Group releases PianoBoy VST instrument, a virtual acoustic piano for windows PC.

Based on Musicrow SCS technology, PianoBoy offers you a realistic sonically beautiful acoustic piano for only 34mb of your hard-drive space!

The SCS technology combines sampling, convolution and synthesis techniques, to provide the most dynamic and natural instrument, without the need to use giga’s of samples. With PianoBoy you won’t wait forever for your piano to load, you won’t have any RAM memory
issues, and no hard-drive is to small to contain it. Just sit in front of your piano and play!

Main Features:
– Realistic and sonically beautiful piano.
– Extremely dynamic and responsive.
– 22 note polyphony.
– Simple user interface.
– Very modest memory and disk Requirements.
– Takes no time to load.

PianoBoy is now available for $69


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