Sony updates Sound Forge to v9.0b

The Sound Forge 9 professional digital audio production suite includes everything you need to quickly get from raw audio to finished master. Use this suite to create and edit stereo and multichannel audio files with speed and precision. Efficiently analyze, record and edit audio, digitize and restore old recordings, model acoustic environments, design sound for multimedia, and master replication ready CDs. Version 9.0b has just been released and ready for download at the Sony website.

Notable fixes/changes in version 9.0b
* An Update loop bar on Mark In/Out check box has been added to the Editing tab in the Preferences dialog
– Select this check box if you want want to update the loop bar in a data window when you mark the beginning or end of a selection.
– When the check box is cleared, the loop bar isn’t updated until after you’ve marked both ends of the selection.
* A Seek Cursor on Playback command has been added to the Options menu. When this command is selected, playback will restart when you position the cursor.
* The keyboard shortcut for saving and recalling views has changed. The new shortcuts are Ctrl+Shift+ to save a view and Ctrl+ to recall a view.
* You can now press the 0-9 keys (not numeric keypad) to move the cursor to the corresponding marker or select the corresponding region.
* The FLAC file format plug-in has been added to allow you to open and save FLAC files.
* Little-endian AIFF files are now supported.
* Meters now stretch to fit their windows.
* Fixed a bug in Spectrum Analysis when Real Time Monitoring is enabled.
* Fixed a bug that could cause Sound Forge to crash when dragging selection to the desktop when Kjaerhus automated effects exist in the chain.
* Fixed a bug that prevented Crossfade Loop from previewing correctly.
* Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when undoing and repeating a Mix operation.
* Fixed a bug that could corrupt Audio preferences when the Windows Classic Wave Driver was not available.
* Fixed a bug that prevented you from changing the sample rate of a new or empty data window.
* The Mix/Replace dialog now preserves the previous preset.
* Fixed a bug that could cause Process > Reverse to insert silence in certain cases.
* Fixed a bug that prevented Mark In/Out from working during playback.
* Fixed a bug that prevented audio plug-ins from inserting tails.
* Automated plug-ins in the Plug-In Chainer window now reflect the cursor position.
* Fixed a bug that caused the Normal Zoom preference to be ignored.
* Fixed a bug that could cause the Video Strip to lose frames at different zoom ratios.
* The Lock Length button in the Normalize dialog now updates properly after undo.
* Tempo is now maintained when the ruler format is changed.
* Loop pre-roll is now applied when dragging the start of a selection.
* Playback no longer jumps with Scroll Playback turned off.
* Various improvements for ASIO devices.

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