New analog synth from Dave Smith? (Update)

In february Dave Smith revealed some details on a new drum machine, The Boomchick, which is in development together with other legend Roger Linn. But that is not what this item is about. We heart through the grapevine that Dave is working on yet another new product. A new analog synth.

A video-teaser is wandering on the internet.

Some quotes:
“It seems that DSI is very close to beginning production of an 8-voice Prophet, all analog.” – Create Digital Music

“It’ll be like a PEK using the CEMs DSI uses in the Evolver, but minus EVERYTHING digital excepting patch-storage and MIDI.” – Matrixsynth

“Prophet ’08. Eight voices, all analog. Shipping next week.” – Matrixsynth

We hope to get more details on this new sytnh will reach us very soon. When they do we will let you know as soon as possible.

Original post at Matrixsynth.

And this is how it sounds like: mp3 sample.

A picture (posted at Matrixsynth):

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