Nexus 1.3.6. update from reFX

NEXUS is a next generation rom synthesizer of highest quality that will make your dreams come true. Forget about the usual bread and butter ROM synthesizers whose sounds are boring, stale and lacking punch. reFX has updated Nexus to version 1.3.6.

What’s new:

* RTAS compatability. Made a few minor modifications to help our wrapper.
Note: The RTAS wrapper has to be downloaded separately but it has not been released yet. It will be available within 24 hours if everything goes as planned.
* The Chorus master-FX now has an additional parameter “width”. For old presets and projects this parameter is set to ‘0’ .

* The voice-stealing was broken and wouldn’t work most of the time resulting in increased CPU-usage because of the extra voices playing.
* When using Cakewalk hosts (Sonar & Project 5) the arpeggiator wouldn’t re-start once interrupted.
* Improved startup-performance when using a different GUI-skin than the default white one.


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