Audio Damage gives us a Liquid preview

After giving us a tease, an announcement and finally the release of Dr. Device last month, Audio Damage is already working on another cool plug-in to be released soon. The new plug-in will be called Liquid. It will be a through-zero flanger!

A through-zero flanger? Yes, we hear you! For those of you who (also) don’t know what that means, the guys gave us a description what this means on their website:

“A normal flanger like you’d find in a guitar pedal (and most software versions) mixes a dry signal with a signal that has been delayed a tiny bit. You can recreate this with almost any delay that has very short times. The more feedback you add, the more your signal sounds like a Cylon. Pretty simple, right? A through-zero flanger is a totally different animal. With through-zero flanging, the “flanged” signal can go just as far _before_ the dry signal as it can _after_. This is the effect that Phil Spector and George Martin are talking about when they describe using two tape decks to create artificial double-tracking (ADT) effects for vocals. They’re not talking about the jet-plane whoosh of Eddie’s guitar on “And The Cradle Will Rock.” The two effects actually have not a whole lot to do with each other.

It is a subtle effect, not immediately obvious as to what’s happening. All you can tell is that the Good Button was pushed, especially for pads and electric pianos. The “OFFSET” knob is especially useful for stereo-izing mono signals; it offsets the left and right signals from each other slightly, resulting in a nice wide stereo field.”

Pricing is going to be US$29.00, and will be available in the Audio Damage store quite soon. MP3 demo is available here.


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