Rayzoon has released Jamstix 2

Rayzoon is pleased to announce that Jamstix 2, the long awaited successor to the original virtual drummer Jamstix, has been released today.

Jamstix 2 is an advanced virtual drummer VSTi and takes the innovative real-time groove modeling approach introduced by Jamstix 1 in 2005 to new heights.

Jamstix 2 boasts in-depth style and drummer modeling, along with visual kit editing as well as a part-based arranger and limb-centric bar editor.

All of this technology drives a high quality sample player with multiple velocity layers, controllable ambience and alternate hits that can also seamlessly integrate other drum modules via sub-hosting.

List price:
Jamstix 2 $99, Jamstix 2XL $139

Upgrade Price:
$40 (08/20/07 – 09/03/07)
$49 (09/04/07 – …)
(Upgrades to the XL version are also available)

More info can be found on the Rayzoon website

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