UAD Powered Plug-Ins updated to v.2.7.1.

Universal Audio has released version 4.7.1 of its Powered Plug-Ins software for Windows and Mac OS X. Thes plug-ins include Chorus and Delay, Equalizers, Compressors and Limiters, Reverbs, Guitar and Channel Strips.

Changes in UAD Version 4.7.1 for Windows
* Support for UAD-Xpander
* System sleep is now supported
* UAD VST to RTAS Adapter is updated to version 2.11
* Resolved “err=3” issue that occurred on some systems
* New “Sonar compatibility mode” option improves Sonar performance
* Resolved Wavelab “serious error” issue that occurred on some systems

Changes in UAD Version 4.7.1 for Macintosh:
* Support for UAD-Xpander
* Resolved kernel panic on wake from sleep after several sleep/wake cycles
* Resolved Precision Multiband playback glitch when used on track insert in Logic
* Multiple UAD-1 cards are supported in Magma chassis connected via ExpressCard
* Mac OS 10.4.10 is now correctly displayed in UAD-1 Meter System Information window

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