The return of the Prophet

Synthesizer pioneer Dave Smith unveiled his latest creation today, the new 8-voice Prophet 08.

This incredible new synthesizer features a 100% analog audio signal path, and generates the huge sound that always made the Prophet synths so famous.

The stereo instrument has a classic 2-oscillator, 2/4 pole resonant Curtis lowpass filter and VCA architecture, and 52 knobs to tweak. It then goes well beyond the original Prophet by including 4 LFOs, 3 envelopes, and a gated sequencer per voice. Each program has two layers, so the sounds can be easily stacked or split. A four-mode latchable arpeggiator is also included. A 5 octave keyboard with velocity and aftertouch, and pitch and mod wheels all housed in a sturdy metal enclosure with exotic hardwood end panels complete the package.

“My customers told me they wanted a pure analog synth to complement our Evolver and Poly Evolver synths”, says Dave Smith. “This is the monster synth they have been waiting for; retaining the classic sound while adding a host of new features unavailable on the originals”.

The Prophet ’08 keyboard has an MSRP of $2,199.00, and is currently shipping.

Dave Smith Instruments

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