AudioRealism releases Drum Machine 1.0.1.

After its initial release earlier this month, Audiorealism’s Drum Machine gets its first minor update. ADM contains three classic vintage drum machines from that era rolled into one, combined with a 32-step internal sequencer and pattern controlled fx (PCF).

1.0.1RC1 improvements:
* Changed model output menu
* Flash instrument selector buttons when instrument is triggered
* Fixed: Import 909 Sysex on Mac was not functioning
* Fixed: Rebirth import problem on PPC Macs
* Fixed: Import sysex on Mac
* Fixed: Decay rate of the 909 crash
* Fixed: Denormal issue on cowbell generator
* Fixed: Denormal issue on 808 cymbal generator
* Fixed: 606 HT envelope being inverted at high pitch
* Improvements to the 909 clap
* Improved 909 snare drum sound
* Increased 606 tune range
* Minor optimizations
* Reduced CPU spikes
* Idle CPU time reduced
* Improved GUI response on PPC macs
* Other minor fixes


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