Cakewalk is lining up Sonar 7

As last week we got the final release of Logic Studio (Logic Express Pro 8), Cakewalk is getting into the ‘buzz’ as well for updated DAW’s. They are about to release Sonar 7. Like the rumours going around with Logic, this also applies to Sonar 7. User forums are flooding with discussions on what Sonar 7 will deliver.

But like Apple, Cakewalk is keeping a lit on Sonar 7, giving us NO details on new features. However an advertisement in EQ Magazine did reveal that Cakewalk is planning on a near release of Sonar 7. The ad was targeted at ProTool users.

According to Carl Jacobson, Marketing Director Cakewalk: “The ad was meant in a tounge in cheek manner, to poke fun at one of the myths surrounding Pro Tools.”

If and when Sonar 7 will be announced (officially) we will let you know of course.

Sonar 7 advertisement

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