Eiosis releases AirEQ TDM version

Eiosis is proud to announce the release of AirEQ TDM. Their acclaimed 8 bands EQ, which already exists in all formats for OSX and Windows, is now available in the TDM/RTAS format for Protools HD on Mac OSX.

Protools HD users have now access to the mixing experience with AirEQ, which is really musical and intuitive, thanks to its particular sound character and its ergonomic interface which lets the mixing engineer works faster and spontaneously.

Musical adjustment
AirEQ have been designed to be a “musical equalizer”, while keeping an analog behavior, thanks to its analog matched equalization curves. “Musical equalizer” means that while adjusting AirEQ parameters, the sound variation follows the hearing sensation. The result is more natural, and the mixing engineer is then able to obtain the right sound and the right equalization setting quicker.
Mixing with AirEQ is very specific, so it may take a few time to familiarize with its sound and the way its controls behave, but once getting comfortable with it, equalizing should be faster, more efficient and especially more musical.

The Air Band
The Air band is a new type of filter that helps you restore or add brightness to the sound, while always remaining natural. The smoothness of the Air band allows gently adding high frequencies, without introducing harshness or unpleasant digital artefacts. Bring an instrument in front of the mix, add a subtle brilliance to a sound or make a vocal track breathe just by adjusting the Air amount.

Exclusive digital filtering technology
A high end equalizer requires a high quality processing. AirEQ TDM uses double precision 48 bit processing, to ensure the maximum audio resolution. But the AMLT® (Analog Matched Linear Transform) algorithm used in AirEQ, which is exclusive to Eiosis, goes further. The AirEQ curves are perfectly matched with analog ones : it means that the equalization curves are perfectly symmetrical over the whole audio range, even at 44.1 sampling frequency, like an analog equalizer behaves. Most digital equalizers have warped curves in the highs.

Advanced M/S, L/R and 5.1 modes
AirEQ features advanced M/S and L/R modes. The ability to latch relative opposite settings and the multiple link options makes AirEQ outstanding for editing the stereo field in either dual mono (L/R) or M/S mode.
The 5.1 mode is also very useful for cinema and post production, and allows the mixing engineer linking the different 5.1 channels in a convenient way, and even using the M/S modes inside the main stereo or surround stereo channels.

Innovative Ergonomics
Many other ergonomic features makes AirEQ an exceptional mixing tool : display frequencies as scale notes, value snap options, one-click switch on/off for fast comparisons, maximum gain on Alt-Click… AirEQ also introduces the band naming concept, which allows attributing a “sound character” to each equalization band, which gives a new dimension to equalizer presets.

AirEQ TDM is available for TDM and RTAS, mono, stereo and 5.1 versions. You can request a trial licence for AirEQ TDM, the full version is available to purchase in our online shop for $669/€479. AirEQ TDM supports iLok, an iLok user ID is required to purchase.


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