SampleTank 2.5 software update now available

The newly released SampleTank 2.5 is a major update for IK’s industry-standard sample workstation. With an exclusive combination of features and sounds, SampleTank stands apart from any other sample based virtual instrument, making it one of the most powerful and easy to use solutions for making fully produced songs right out of the box.

– The widest variety of sounds covering all instruments categories – just one click away, with tons of Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Strings, Brass, Winds, Vocals, Orchestral sounds, Organs, Percussion, Drums, Basses, Guitars, Synths, Loops, Ethnic samples and more.

Plus now you can read all “Powered by SampleTank instruments” (Miroslav Philharmonik, Sonik Synth, SampleMoog, Studiophonik, SampleTron) and access thousands of hi-quality sounds from a single interface. And if this isn’t enough, you can also import your own sounds for a truly unlimited world of instruments and loops.

– 3 advanced sample engines allow unique sound manipulation with multi-samples and loops: traditional resampling, STRETCH™ and PSTS (Pitch-shift/Time-stretch). STRETCH™ delivers amazing realism and expression over multi-sampled instruments helping you achieve true glide, bend and full control over staccato and vibrato with an incomparable sound quality (no more “chip-munk” effect). When working with loops, PSTS will allow you to synchronize them and control their tempo/pitch, for the ultimate beat machine.

– The most powerful multi-effects in a virtual instrument, with 33 high-quality effects taken from IK’s award winning T-RackS, CSR and AmpliTube. With 5 insert effects per part, combined with the new 5 send and 5 master effects, you can now have up to a staggering 90 effects available all at once in this production powerhouse.

– Extremely easy to use. Over 50 sampler controls are accessible from a single easy-to-use interface, designed so you can spend more time focusing on your music instead of studying complex manuals. You will find yourself loading up SampleTank as your “go-to” virtual instrument, every time you want to let your creativity flow.

– Use it live. SampleTank is so efficient that it can run as a stand-alone from even the modestly priced laptops, with sounds that can load as fast as the ones from hardware keyboards. That is why more and more musicians now use SampleTank live for their performances. Try to do this with other complicated, heavy-load, sample-based virtual instruments, and dare to see the difference!

The new SampleTank 2.5 is available in 2 versions: XL and L, which differ only by the number of sounds included. The XL version comes with 2DVDs and over 1,800 sounds (over 6.5GB of samples) plus an extra bonus sound disk with up to 600 MB of additional samples ($499/€419). The L version includes 1DVD and over 900 sounds ($299/€249).

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