Universal Audio releases v4.8 software for the UAD Family

Universal Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality vintage audio hardware and DSP software plug-ins for digital audio workstations, today announced the web release of v4.8 software for the UAD Family of DSP Card’s and Powered Plug-Ins(tm).

Version 4.8 includes 14-day fully functional demos of the new Precision Maximizer and Precision De-Esser.

“The Precision Maximizer is what we call a ‘Dynamic Impact Processor’ and is a real “secret-weapon” addition to our Precision mastering product-line. It intelligently blends UA’s tube saturation and multi-band know-how into a versatile mix enhancement tool that injects loudness, punch and perceptible energy into a mix without destroying its dynamics.” said Mike Barnes, VP of Marketing for Universal Audio. “Our Precision De-Esser is a dynamic sibilance processor which is able to seamlessly remove sibilance with its sophisticated, yet transparent filter design. With both these plugs, we looked hard at the features and audio quality of existing tools out there, and were able to design-in better usability and improve both sonic quality and versatility while extending the UAD platform to live up to its claim as the ultimate mixing and mastering DSP solution.”

Key Precision Maximizer Features include:
* Maximizes perceived mix volume with minimal gain or dynamic range change
* Enhances perceived impact, warmth, energy and presence of a mix
* Easy-to-use interface:
* “Effect” controls perceived loudness while “Shape” contours harmonic content (subtle to saturated)
* “Single” or “3-Band” select and “Limit,” allow advanced sonic control for the widest range of program material
* Input /Output controls with metering allow easy integration with other mastering plugs

Key Precision De-Esser Features include:
* Dynamic Sibilance Processor for individual tracks, busses or master fader
* Modern band pass or traditional high pass de-essing for maximum flexibility
* Split mode minimizes unwanted artifacts such as darkening or lisping
* Dual-speed time constant and wide frequency range for vocals to overheads

Registered UAD customers can purchase full authorizations of the Precision Maximzer plug-in for US$199 and the Precision De-Esser for $99 at my.uaudio.com. For a limited-time, the new plug-ins will be eligible for discounts via the UA coupons issued to existing UAD users as part of the current promotion at my.uaudio.com, which expires at the end of September 2007.

Universal Audio

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