A-Designs Audio rolls out new HM2EQ tube equalizer

After two years of careful R&D as well as extensive beta testing by savvy engineers like Dylan Dresdow, Dean Landon, Ronan Chris Murphy and Tony Shepperd, among others, Peter Montessi and his team at A-Designs Audio are proud to finally introduce the company’s new vacuum tube-equipped HM2EQ, better known as the HAMMER.

The HAMMER is a dual mono channel, three band, analog equalizer engineered with an ingenious filtering system that allows the even harmonics to flow through its 12AT Philips tubes filtering out unwanted noise. The resulting sound is warm and ‘musical’ yet highly transparent with a clean, airy high end. The smoothness of the HAMMER’s operation prompted Tony Shepperd (Kenny Loggins, Take 6, Whitney Houston) to comment, “You don’t know it’s there until you take it out.”

Housed in a 2U metal chassis with an aluminum faceplate and beefy toroidal power transformer under the hood, the HAMMER is an invaluable tool for any studio. Each channel features identical controls, including switches for bypass, high cut and low cut, as well as six large aluminum rotaries for the EQ section – knobs for the LF (30/50/100/200/300/400), MF (250/500/1.2k/1.6k/2k) and HF (2.5k/3.5k/5k/7.5k/10k/15k) bands, plus accompanying knobs offering ±13dB of boost/cut for each frequency range.

The right side of the HAMMER faceplate additionally sports a heavy duty Carling on/off toggle switch and large brilliant blue jewel lamp for power indication. Connections to and from the product are accomplished on the rear panel via a pair of balanced Neutrik XLR input jacks and pair of balanced XLR output jacks.

A-Designs Audio HAMMER / Add One
“Although the digital recording world has certainly come a long way, especially over the last couple of years, it still can’t accurately mimic the warm, musical tones that a vacuum tube can best provide,” says A-Designs Audio’s Peter Montessi. “We’ve gone through countless tube choices and combinations to find the best possible sonics for the HAMMER and I know that discerning engineers are going to be very pleased with it when they hear it for themselves.”

Available now, the HAMMER carries a US list price of $2,695.00.

A-Designs Audio

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