Cortex HDC-3000 software update

Maintaining a step ahead of competitors, Cortex, a division of GCI Technologies, is proud to announce the newly improved HDC-3000 Digital Music Controller, thanks to the updated software version 1.6.23.

One of the most powerful and revolutionary features of Cortex units is the capability to continuously upgrade the internal software. This lends itself to the easy addition of new features and support, the optimization of current processes and the ability to fix bugs as they arise without ever having to purchase a new Cortex unit.

Most prominent on the list of improvements to the HDC-3000 software is the VBR indexing that you will see take place with your VBR files. By indexing your file, it is guaranteeing flawless playback from your VBR files, further elevating the performance of your HDC-3000 as a whole.

The new software also features an improved Scratch Mode to allow your HDC-3000 to scratch exclusively in Pitch Mode, giving you a more precise and accurate vinyl emulation, as well as a Help Manual installed in the unit, faster File Browse Mode and an overall performance improvement in all facets of the unit.


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