Digidesign introduces new products at the AES

Digidesign announced several revolutionary new products this week at this year’s 123rd AES Convention.

Pro Tools® 7.4 software features new Elastic Time and support for Avid® video playback with Pro Tools LE®. The sleek and stylish new C|24™ provides hands-on control of Pro Tools in a low-profile package. For Pro Tools|HD® users, Digidesign unveiles a new option to the ICON D-Control™ product line—the new ICON D-Control™ ES with a dramatic darker look. The new Digidesign® Virtual Instrument Box Set offers customers all five of the current Digidesign virtual instruments for one low price.

Pro Tools 7.4 Software
Get ready for a revolutionary new way to work with Pro Tools®. Digidesign® Pro Tools 7.4 software, featuring the time-manipulating power of Elastic Time, makes working with tempo- and time-based sessions a whole lot easier and imaginative. Plus, increased support for Avid® video and shared storage solutions streamline the workflow between audio and video editors. Pro Tools 7.4 software will be available soon for all Pro Tools platforms.
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Sleek and stylish, the new 24-channel Digidesign C|24™ control surface gives you full hands-on control of Pro Tools® recording and mixing as well as a complete array of high-quality analog inputs, plus a 5.1 analog monitor section to wrap around your Pro Tools I/O. C|24 incorporates the latest advancements in Pro Tools software, making it an incredibly powerful — and affordable — console option for Pro Tools users. C|24 will be available soon.
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ICON D-Control ES
Take your Pro Tools|HD recording to the dark side. While it’s taken on a decidedly darker appearance, the new ICON D-Control™ ES worksurface offers the same premium sound quality, highly efficient workflows, and unrivaled Pro Tools|HD integration as the original, award-winning D-Control™. It also features updated graphics for better visibility in low light, and an improved switch color layout for easier visual navigation. D-Control ES will be available soon.
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Digidesign Virtual Instruments
Digidesign made two announcements for its Advanced Instrument Research (A.I.R.) group product line. The Digidesign Virtual Instrument Box Set offers a powerful collection of the current five groundbreaking A.I.R. virtual instruments for one low price. If you’re a Structure™, Structure™ LE, or Structure™ Free user, EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold Complete — Structure™ Edition provides a full orchestral ensemble at your beck and call. Both of these products are available today.
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Media Station|PT 2.7 and Video Satellite Option
Integrate your Pro Tools editing prowess into the full Avid video workflow with the utmost efficiency. Media Station|PT™ 2.7 with the Video Satellite Option lets you play back any Avid video sequence in perfect sync with Pro Tools installed on a separate system, eliminating time-consuming video exports and preserving full audio processing in Pro Tools. Media Station|PT 2.7 also provides full support for Avid Unity™ shared storage systems and Avid Interplay™, and even serves as a standalone video capture, export, and layback system. Media Station|PT 2.7 and the Video Satellite Option will be available soon.
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ExchangePack 2 is Back!
If you currently own a Pro Tools|24, Pro Tools|24 MIX, Pro Tools III (NuBus or PCI), or Refurb system, get up to $15,248 worth of plug-ins free when you move up to the power of a Pro Tools|HD 2 Accel or Pro Tools|HD 3 Accel system and a Digidesign audio interface (192 I/O™, 192 Digital I/O, 96 I/O™, or 96i I/O™).
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