djDecks v0.84 released

This new release adds support for Traktor Scratch vinyl, vst and midi controller support has been improved, multi-colored waveforms have been added, various bugs have been fixed and performance has been improved.

Version 0.84. improvements:
-Improved: UTF-8 ID3v2 and Ogg tags support
-Improved: Tempocontrol sounds better
-Improved: BPM Detection performance and accuracy
-Improved: EKS XP10 and Vestax VCI-100 support
-Improved: djDecks can now be properly associated with music files
-Improved: Selected tabs are now stored
-Improved: Skins load faster now, some visual performance improvements
-Improved: In relative vinyl control mode, track position can be reset by setting
the needle in the lead-in area
-Added: BCD-3000 support
-Added: iTunes playlists can now be read
-Added: LED status can now be sent to midi devices that support it
-Added: Sampler control with VCI-100
-Added: Variables can be used in djDecks scripts
-Added: Traktor Scratch vinyl supported
-Added: VST Presets can be saved
-Added: Multi-colored waveforms
-Added: Endless Rotary midi controller support added (2’s complement method)
-Fixed: Some tempo-dependent VST effects work correctly now
-Fixed: djDecks timecode is working correctly again in absolute mode
-Fixed: Some VCI-100 bugs
-Fixed: Send To VST midi option
-Fixed: Some bugs with adding keyboard shortcuts
-Fixed: Bug slowing down loading large record cases


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