Motu MachFive 2 is now shipping

MachFive 2 once again raises the bar for what a virtual sampler should be. No matter what you’ve got as your desktop production environment of choice, MachFive will fit right in and deliver state-of-the-art features and performance.

Start with 32GB of included sounds. You get four dual-layer (8GB) DVDs packed full of multi-sample instruments, loops and phrases you can use every day, including a stunning 8GB grand piano and surround drum kits. MachFive 2 now imports just about every audio file, loop and sampler format on the planet – directly. No conversion is necessary. Just drag and drop loops in any format, including REX2, Acid and Apple Loops, or directly load multi-layer instruments in any major sample format, including Giga, EXS24, Kontakt, Roland, Akai, Kurzweil and E-Mu.

You can even create ISO disc images of your legacy sampler library discs and browse them directly from within MachFive. MachFive’s enhanced Giga compatitibility fully supports dimensions and layer rules so you can effectively use MachFive as a universally compatible replacement for GigaStudio and run it on either Mac or Windows.

MachFive is truly unique because of how seamless it merges four worlds of advanced sound design: samples, loops, synthesis and effects. Now you can import, edit, synthesize, process and play multi-sample instruments, loops and phrases in one intuitive environment.

MachFive 2 provides exciting new features, too, including unlimited parts per instance and full-screen pop-out editors for waveform editing, sample mapping and the unique Loop Lab editor. Loop Lab provides built-in ReCycle-style editing of beat-slice loops in REX, ACID and Apple Loop formats, or you can create your own. Instantly map slices. Assemble multiple tempo-synced loops side by side. Time-stretch with no artifacts. Trigger each slice separately, or drag and drop the loop into your host software.

You can apply MachFive’s powerful new synthesis engine to any sample, keygroup, layer, loop or preset using 2 filters, 8 LFOs, 6 multipoint syncable envelopes and pitch processing. You can even program your own synth sounds with MachFive’s built-in synth engine.

Machfive 2 includes 47 real-time effects with hundreds of presets, from tape delays to exciters to vinyl effects to the stunning realism of convolution reverb.

For sound design, music production and broadcast, MachFive delivers the perfect balance of superb audio quality, powerful programming, fast operation and across-the-board compatibility.

Machfive 2.0

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