Version 3.0 of the innovative Xone Mixed in Key software released

Allen and Heath has announced Version 3.0 of the innovative ‘Xone Mixed in Key’ harmonic mixing software. Using a patent-pending process for key detection, the new version provides even more accurate results, including multiple keys for more variety, and integrates seamlessly with top DJ software.

“The new version detects keys like a human musician. To accomplish this task we hired two professional musicians to analyse hundreds of songs. Their results were entered into the latest artificial intelligence technology to teach Version 3 the technique,” explains Mixed In Key designer, Yakov Vorobyev. “Xone Mixed In Key’ creates perfect mash-ups, and gives you the ability to sound like a DJ maestro!”

‘Xone Mixed in Key’ is Windows and Mac OS X-compatible software, which analyses MP3 and .WAV files, identifies the key of a track, and highlights which other tracks are harmonically compatible. Notable users include Pete Tong, John Digweed, Ali ‘Dubfire’ from Deep Dish, Kaskade, trance DJs Blank & Jones, 4 Strings, and Kuffdam from Paul Van Dyk’s Vandit trance label.

Version 3.0 can also show multiple key results for a single audio file if the results fit the song perfectly. For example, if the song is equally compatible with A Minor and D Minor, ‘Xone Mixed In Key’ will show both results. This gives DJs more creative freedom about choosing which songs to play next. Additionally, Version 3.0 contains improved ID3 Tag support to store key results into MP3 files. Version 3.0 integrates seamlessly with other DJ software such as Native Instruments Traktor, M-Audio Torq, Ableton Live, and music players like Apple iTunes, where Mixed In Key can create harmonic iPod playlists.

“Mixed In Key 3.0 is “next-generation” compared to previous versions. It’s accurate and easy to use. Version 3.0 is the professional DJ’s choice for harmonic mixing,” concludes Vorobyev. Xone Mixed In Key is available at a RRP of $58 USD. Every purchase comes with free lifetime upgrades.

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