URS Announces the M series EQ Bundle for Macintosh OSX

URS recently released the MotorCity 7 Band Equalizer and M series Vintage Cinema Equalizer together in the URS M series EQ Bundle.

The URS M series MotorCity Equalizer digitally recreates the legendary 7 band passive equalizers used exclusively by Motown staff engineers during the Motown era. I heard it thru the grapevine that the sliders on the early units were unreliable. Motown’s staff technical engineer Mike McLean built “Brick House” custom modified clones using stepped rotary pots for added reliability and a variable gain booster amplifier for added output control. It has been our Pride and Joy recreating this classic.

The seven bands that defined an era of American Music!
We’re not talking about the Supremes, Jackson Five, Temptations, Four Tops, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. We’re talking about the seven bands of equalization that were used to sculpt and define the sound of the Motown era. Don’t forget the Motor City!

Rarer than Hen’s Teeth!
Aint nothing like the real thing baby! But finding one won’t be easy as only 38 units were known to be built. In 1965 Motown built their own eight track tape recorder and first eight Motown EQs. Motown artists were recoding eight track years before the Beatles and Beach Boys who were still using only four track. In 1968 another 30 Motown EQs were built, eight for a new 8 Track room and the rest for the mastering suites. In the early days of Motown the recording room was set up with all of the instruments in their respective places. The same microphones, pre amps, outboard EQ and the same musicians all contributed to the uniform sound. Engineers realized that EQ was just as much a creative tool as a technical one. Mercy, Mercy, Me!

Simplicity is elegance!
How Sweet it is! The simple passive equalizer design exudes elegance in its smooth response. The seven frequencies encompass the entire spectrum of Higher Ground. No need for “Super Freak” adjustable Q bandwidth. The original units were the first equalizers to feature Proportional Q, a feature where small boost/cuts will have a very broad Q and greater boost/cuts will have a narrower Q. The URS M series MotorCity EQ will put you on Cloud Nine. It’s as Easy as ABC 1•2•3!

The URS M series Vintage Cinema Equalizer digitally recreates the even rarer 6 band passive equalizers used for film and professional cinema. The original vintage hardware units from the 1930’s were considered to be of the first equalizers ever made with six bands – 80hz, 200hz, 500hz, 1.25khz, 3.2khz and 8khz. We have added what we feel is a necessary seventh band at 16khz. The URS Vintage Cinema EQ frequencies overlap with the URS M series MotorCity EQ frequency centers and when both plug-ins are used together they make a total of fourteen bands.

What’s Going On?
The URS M series EQ Bundle initially supports TDM and RTAS for Mac OSX. Support for Audio Units and VST for both Mac OSX and WinXP coming soon.

TDM license includes – TDM – RTAS for PPC and Intel Mac OSX (AU + VST WinXp, Vista support coming soon!) $499.99

Native license includes – RTAS for PPC and Intel Mac OSX (AU + VST WinXp, Vista support coming soon!) $249.99

Upgrade offers are available.

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