ARTURIA announces Analog Factory Experience

By combining a native software application and a dedicated controller-keyboard, Analog Factory Experience offers a straightforward, innovative and enjoyable experience. Based on the much-acclaimed Analog Factory 2.0, a software instrument offering 3500 legendary
synthesizer sounds, Analog Factory Experience includes a high quality 32-key MIDI keyboard.

Musicians just need to plug the keyboard via USB and launch the software. From there they can put their mouse away, everything is easily controllable from the keyboard. As a matter of fact, the user experience is the same as on a traditional Hardware synthesizer, except that Analog Factory Experience brings much more sounds, a better integration within DAW’s, and all this at a far better price.

For Frédéric Brun, President of Arturia, “Analog Factory Experience is a synthesizer of a new kind. Part Hardware, part Software, it offers advantages from both worlds. No surprise it is the fruit of a partnership Arturia set-up with the Hardware manufacturer CME. Capitalizing on CME’s expertise in the field of keyboard production was a unique opportunity to bring to the market the right product at the right price.”

“We are happy to partner with Arturia to bring such a unique integrated system to musicians”, says Zhao Yitian, President of CME. “It is an intuitive, simple and yet very powerful solution. We hope that Analog Factory Experience will be a key to open a new world in the computer Music Industry.”

Main Features:
– Hybrid synthesizer based on advanced Software/Hardware combination:
• New Analog Factory 2.0 inside the box
• 32-key Universal MIDI keyboard built by CME
• Plug and play: the Hardware and Software is instantly recognized and offers perfect integration Analog Factory 2.0
• 3500 synthesizer sounds that have shaped modern music production
• All preset are carefully selected from the Arturia Classic Synths: the Minimoog V, the Prophet V, the ARP 2600V, the Moog Modular V, the CS-80V and the new Jupiter-8V
• Smart preset manager: fast filter the presets to your requirements, by instrument, type,
• Straightforward editing: only the key parameters are accessible to modify the sounds
• Full compatibility with major formats and hosts on Mac OS X and Windows XP or Vista (VST, AU, RTAS)

– The Analog Factory Keyboard:
• Developed by CME and based on the U-key technology
• Ultra-thin aluminium and wooden case
• 32 semi-weighted keys with velocity response
• Everything you can do on the Software is easily achievable on the Hardware: Allows to select sound categories and browse presets, to modify each sound, recall snapshot sounds, save snapshots, etc.
• Works as a Universal 32-key MIDI keyboard

Retail Price: €299 / $349 / Available November 2007.

Further news from Arturia on the ‘coming of’ the Origin Synthesizer. Well, … development and testing is in the final stages. For now, release is planned early 2008. Arturai has released some more details and a video on the new Hardware Synthesizer.

Origin details

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