Angry Red Planet releases Temper 1.1.2.

Angry Red Planet has released version 1.1.2. of their MIDI and Audio sequencer. This is an important update with a fix to sampling rate issues that were causing a variety of issues (buzzing, silence) with certain combinations of audio interfaces and VSTs.

Temper 1.1.2. improvements:
* Important fix: There was a problem setting the sample rate of the audio engine, causing a variety of problems on certain combinations of sound cards and VSTs. If you had a VST that produced buzzing or silence, this might have been the cause.
* Echo FX: Fixed a bug where the first echo was replicating the original velocity, added some pizzazz to the echo shape view so it’s easier to see what the echo is doing.
* Shapes that have randomness are now animated, to make it clear that you’re working with values that are being constantly generated.
* Fix: Couldn’t drag the loop points in the track editor.
* Fix: Browser FX list wasn’t resetting vertical scrollbar after a search.

Furthermore a new document as been released on ‘Introduction to shapes with the Echo FX’.

Angry Red Planet

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