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AngryRedPlanet Temper 1.3 released

Temper is a MIDI+Audio sequencer with an emphasis on MIDI. Temper provides a straight-forward user interface that quickly guides you into advanced group operations and unique functionality such as decor and perform time, all tied together with an underlying shape concept for describing data transformation. Easily integrate Temper with your other software via basic drag-and-drop behaviour or more advanced sync functionality. Angry Red Planet just released version 1.3.

Angry Red Planet releases Temper 1.1.

Angry Red Planet has released version 1.1. of Temper. Temper is a MIDI and Audio sequencer with an emphasis on MIDI. Temper is distinguished by two basic design goals: To provide you with tools that operate on sequences as easily as individual events, and to decouple what gets processed by how it gets processed.

Angry Red Planet releases Temper midi and audio sequencer

Angry Red Planet announces the first version of Temper, a new sequencer designed for creative MIDI composition. Temper is a modern DAW with expected features like a modular environment, flexible routing system, multiple takes per track and more, but the focus is on providing a clean user interface and a powerful set of MIDI editing tools built around three basic ideas: Operating on phrases of musical data, interactive, realtime phrase manipulation via MIDI keyboards and extensive flexibility by decoupling what gets processed from how it gets processed.