Liquid Instrument Series Vol.9 Percussion released

Ueberschall presents the release of Liquid Instruments Volume 9 Percussion.

Liquid Percussion provides highest quality percussion grooves, loops and single samples. The intension of Ueberschall’s LIS Percussion is creating complex percussion tracks, adding percussion patterns to arrangements for a live and dynamic touch. A great variety of styles and over sixty different percussion instruments including Latin, Oriental, African or FX percussion represent this new volume.

All the loops automatically adjust tempo to their arrangement while remaining groovy and keeping their natural color. Alternatively modifying arrangements with “electronically feeling” by actions like radically pitching, quantizing and stretching in the editor mode of the Liquid engine, makes this library the “Swiss army knife” of percussion.
No additional effects e.g. compression or any other processors have been used in ueberschall‘s Liquid Percussion to ensure the purest results possible.

Agogo, Alegre, Bell, Bongo, Cabassa, Cajon (single and dual), Campanas, Castanets, Caxixi, Chimes, Clave, Conga, Cowbell, Crash, Daf, Darbuka, Djembe, Fexton, Frame Drum, Ghatam, Gong, Guache, Guiro, Horn, Icebell, Kokiriko, Maracas, Metal and Wood Roar, Mouth Percussion, Neon Tube, Oceandrum, Pandero, Pleneras, Repinique, Riq, Roto Tom, Sand Shaker, Sartenes, Shell Wood, Shequere, Surdo, Tabla, Talking Drum, Tambora, Tambourine, Thunder Tube, Timbales, Tombak, Triangle, Twirling Pipe, Udu, Waterfall, Wave Bell, Whistles, Wood Bongo, Wood Shaker, Woodpecker.

Create your individual style by combining and mixing the loops and patterns of the different instruments and genres. 3.5 GB, over 4200 loops and single samples, full 24 bit recordings. Ueberschall’s Liquid Instruments Vol. 9 Percussion is available for USD 199,- (€ 174,-)


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