New OS for Jomox XBASE 999 and new Sample Editor

Jomox has released version 1.24. OS for the XBASE 999, plus a new MIDI Sample Editor. Wav and Aiff files (44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 / 8 bit, 16bit, 24bit mono/stereo) are automatically converted into the XBASE 999 format and being transferred to the machine by Midi Sysex dump.

You don’t need to care about anything: the tool cuts or extends the length automatically and converts the sample rate and bit length. It has never been easier to transfer new samples into the percussion section of the XBASE 999. Sample banks can be stored as standard Midi files for archivating. A later version of the sample editor will be able to reload them.

Jomox recommends to update the XBASE 999 before using the sample editor.


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