New Melodyne updates fully Leopard friendly

Today Celemony Software announced the release of version 3.2.2 of Melodyne studio and Melodyne cre8 as well as version 1.8.1 of Melodyne essential and Melodyne uno. The update is free of charge for all registered users.

With these updates, all editions of Melodyne are now compatible with the new Apple Operating System 10.5. The previous limitations regarding ReWire and MelodyneBridge under Leopard have been lifted.

In addition, we have optimized the performance and stability of the program in numerous ways and integrated a problem solution when using Spot-to-Pro-Tools in connection with Pro Tools 7.4. All users will benefit from these improvements – whether using Leopard, Tiger, Windows XP or Vista.

Details about all improvements in Melodyne studio, Melodyne cre8, Melodyne uno and Melodyne essential are available at:

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