Pure Filth from Ueberschall – Elastik 80s Punk and New-Wave

80s Punk and New-Wave is the new state-of-the-art Punk and New Wave library, including 23 construction kits which contain over 1.6 GB of loops, phrases and samples. Ueberschall’s newest Elastik Player product is inspired by the rudest guitar driven LA Punk, NY Punk, UK Punk, Ska, Hardcore, PostPunk and New Wave from the early and up to mid eighties.

This library is packed with loads of intoxicating licks from guitars, bass, keys, drums and more. All loops are based on live performances from mic’d stacks, kits and analog favorites of the time. The user has the choice of Dry mix or 80ies infected over-bloated commercial saturation for all loops. Drumkit multi-tracks from kick, snare and overheads for each construction kit mix are also included.

23 Construction Kits, 1.6 GB Punk & New-Wave Sounds, Loops and Samples, Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS.

The sound library comes along with the loop player “Elastik” includes features like:
+ highspeed timestretching and pitchshifting in best quality
+ innovative “LoopEye” for fast loop variations
+ all parameters midi controllable
+ multiple content management
+ each product separately installable
+ mapping tools (automatic slice- & chromatic-map)
+ save audio of original and modified loops
+ creation of user presets
+ filter with “kill function” (-72db)
+ adaptable to tempos from 10 to 480 bpm
+ audio engine for quick adaptation
+ and many many more

Ueberschall’s 80s Punk & New Wave is available for USD 119,- (€ 99,-).


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