Reaper updated to version 2.015

REAPER is a powerful Windows application for multitrack recording and editing of audio. Cockos software has released another update version (2.015).

* single clicking the middle area of regions no longer seeks
* changed region clicking to be shift+doubleclick for edit
* midi editor: better singleclick add/delete (only deletes on non-control parts of notes clicked)
* reaxcomp: GR text display with 500ms peak hold
* reaeq: better graph accuracy (thanks loser, rbj)
* reaeq: option to show filter phase response
* reapitch/readelay: “add tap/shifter” copies current tap/shifter settings
* readelay now defaults to a musical delay length
* save fx chain, copy/cut fx now copy midi learn bindings as well
* internal scrollbar updates (mac porting)
* JS: removed real-FFT support (it was somewhat broken anyway), smaller FFT implementation


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