Technics SL1200 MK6 Limited Edition

With the soon coming 35th birthday of the Technics SL1200 turntable, Panasonic has released a limited edition of the legendary turntable. The SL1200 MK6 will be available from december 12th. Since its release in 1972 approximately 350.000 units have been sold worlwide. The limited edition will come in two regular color settings (SL-1200MK6K1 in black and SL-1200MK6 in silver).



Some of the ‘below the surface’ improvements:
• Improved tonearm mounting and oxygen-free copper wire being used for the signal.
• Improved vibration damping in the body.
• Improvements to the pitch control accuracy.
• Better LEDs.
• Possibly some motor improvements.

If and when the ‘limited edition’ MK6 will get to Europe is not clear as of yet. All the information above comes directly from the Japanese website. And even if we try to get a decent translation, Japanese is a pretty tough language to master!

(Shout out to Skratchworx for the early info on the MK6).

Panasonic Japan

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