Stanton DJ Launches New Digital Control System

Stanton DJ announces the launch of the SC System, the companys new set of digital controllers for the professional DJ. The Stanton SC System is comprised of the SCS.1d deck and the SCS.1m mixer both advanced control surfaces that give the digital DJ an entirely new level of performance ability and functionality, while preserving the comfortable feel and familiar layout of more traditional equipment.

Due to increased portability of laptops, processing power, massive song storage, and rapid advances in DJ software, digital DJs are becoming more prevalent than ever, and require dedicated, practical control surfaces that give them total control over their music and performance. The Stanton SC System is a high-end controller solution that can be a direct replacement (or even compliment) to the high-end DJ gear and popular software options that exist today. Each component of the system (mixer and deck) can be used standalone or together, allowing for multiple configurations, with clean lines drawn between the functions of each unit. This system boasts a premium feature set including built-in FireWire ™ connections, a high-torque motorized platter with vinyl control disc, motorized fader, rotary encoders, massive flexibility, and integration into DJ software with advanced two-way feedback.

Stanton’s Product Development Director Jim Mazur commented, “In creating the SC system, we took a clean approach towards not just designing a piece of equipment, but rather creating a physical palette of familiar and comfortable controls with expandability to allow the end user and software to grow as technology advances. While most musical instruments have been well defined and morphed throughout time, DJ gear is still evolving and we are all still searching for the culmination of functionality and interface to allow the artist to not feel confined by how others want them to use their gear. Computers have opened the door of creative opportunity for the artist, and at Stanton we want to continue to create the right gear to facilitate artistic expression through music.”

Key features of the Stanton SC System include:
* High-torque adjustable motorized platter with real vinyl
* Motorized pitch fader
* Velocity sensitive pads
* Highly tactile and complete user feedback (out of the box)
* Encoder section for control of rotary controls in software
* LCD “scribble strips” for two-way communication with selected DJ software and LED backlit buttons
* Universal, class-compliant MIDI and Audio

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