Tone2 Gladiator v1.2.2 released

Gladiator is one of the most powerful synthesizers ever. Based on the Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM) Synthesis. Tone2 today released update version 1.2.2. for PC and Mac.

Changes, fixes and improvements:

* New feature: Shared memory support: Additional Gladiator instances need 30 MB less RAM. The memory usage of the first instance is now 89 MB, further instances need 59 MB. RAM is now deallocated instantly in all hosts.
* New feature: Additional routing destinations: EQ and FX parameters
* New feature: Bank select support
* Compatibility fix: Tweaked presets are now restored correctly after loading in all hosts.
* Compatibility fix: Acid did output mono sound
* Changed: Program select can now access all presets
* Changed: Various changes and fixes in glide mode and legato
* Improved: Faster loading
* Improved: Midi event handling
* Improved: Labels for outputs
* Fixed: Editor button could display wrong value after loading
* Fixed: Mute button did not work properly on AM
* Improved (Mac): Drastically improved performace
* Fixed (Mac): Crash on saving presets when the user selected an empty directory
* Fixed (Mac): Potential crash on exiting the plugin


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