Prosoniq Morph AudioUnit plugin demo now available

Prosoniq are happy to announce the immediate availability of an AudioUnit demo version of their award winning morph plug in. This is not a standalone demo application like their previous VST demos, this is a demo plug in that integrates just as easily with Logic and GarageBand (and any other AU host) as the real thing.

Morph is the world’s first audio morphing software running in real time on your favorite host application. Based on the same cutting-edge technology employed in all of Prosoniq’s products, PROSONIQ morph recognizes important features in your sounds and automatically matches them to create a musically pleasing result. Whether you wish to create vocal lines impossible to be sung by a human, whether you are looking for new ways to create overwhelming sound effects from existing sounds or new instruments that do not exist in the physical world, PROSONIQ morph makes it all possible without the nasty artifacts of traditional signal processing. Where traditional methods end, PROSONIQ morph adds a new and unique dimension for sound design to your canvas of creative tools.

The demo adds 5 seconds noise to the signal every 30 seconds but is otherwise fully functional. We recommend you check it out, it is available as a free download from the Prosoniq download page.


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