HardSID 4U a HardSID… for you

The HardSID 4U is the most powerful SID synthesizer since the legendary C64 now comes in a box and as a VSTi

The HardSUD 4U comes in 3 versions, HardSID, HardSid studio. The untis comes winthout a SID chicp, so start searching for a Commodore 64. A USB connection and software makes it a VSTi into your sequenser.


– Isochronous USB endpoint for low-latency audio
– VSTi interface with 8000Hz update rate on all SID registers (free)
– Wave-in VSTi pin for routing 8000Hz signals to any registers (example: playing other VSTi’s sound on the volume register)
-Full automation of all VSTi parameters
-Superior sound quality (..it is a HardSID!)
– Support for up to four SID chips (6581/8580/6582 in any combination)
– Updateable firmware over USB
– Microsoft Vista compatible (drivers for Win2000/XP/Vista)

..and if you’re a C64 fan

– Cycle-accurate playback of your favorite SID tunes
– Digitized sound + high-speed playback with low CPU utilization
– Seamless playback of .sid tunes while you work on your PC by providing a huge playback buffer for non-VSTi applications

The HardSID 4U Studio Edition

– Full physical separation of the SIDs from the USB driven circuits
– 100% elimination of EMI (Electromagnetic interference) noise that may come from your PC via USB


– Four mono dry outputs for the best sound quality (2x stereo jacks)
– Mixed output for the easiest usage (1x stereo jack – mono signal)
– Four mono inputs for filtering external sources with SID filters (2x stereo jacks)
– USB connector for connecting the unit to a desktop PC or a Notebook
– DC-in connector for connecting the power supply (1A@12VDC)


HardSID 4U without SID: 299 EUR
HardSID 4U Studio Edition without SID: 399 EUR

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