Arturia announces v 1.1 of the JUPITER-8V

The Jupiter-8V is the software recreation of Rolands famous Jupiter-8 coupled with a new generation of features.

The updated version – v 1.1 – of the Jupiter-8V includes:
New features:
– Added velocity and aftertouch modulation support
– CPU optimization of several modules
– Improved cross-modulation

Bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug when audio buffer is not multiple of 64
– Fixed the compatibility issue with Kore
– Fixed the non-linearity bug on the envelope
– Fixed a problem when using several MIDI devices on standalone Mac
– Fixed issue with selecting different audio channels as standalone on a Mac
– Fixed some artifacts on the chorus
– Fixed a bug in keytrigg, some notes could get stuck when using several instances
– Fixed a bug when saving the phaser shape
– Fixed a bug in the delay when synced to a low tempo
– Fixed a tuning problem when running RTAS plug-in in non 44.1 sample rate

This upgrade is free to all registered users and can be downloaded at the website.

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