Virsyn releases The Transient Designer

The idea behind the Transient Designer TDESIGN is to give the user direct control over the attack and sustain characteristics of natural sounds. Take a recording of an unremarkable drum kit and dial in some really hard-hitting attack or take a very percussive sound and soften the attack.

You can also use the sustain control to work on the decay portion of sounds, and with drums you can tighten up the sound to give a fast, dry decay or you can make them ring as though you’d taken the dampers off the kit.

Unique to TDESIGN is the ability to shape the transient not only amplitude wise but also with a dynamically controlled 24 dB lowpass filter with resonance control. This gives you the opportunity to change the sound in a way which normally is only possible if you recreate it with a synthesizer.

The Transient Designer features:
– Attack amplification/attenuation
– Sustain amplification/attenuation
– Dynamic Transient filtering
– 24 dB Lowpass with resonance
– Multi channel capability
– Easy user interface


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