Numark announces the DDS80 media system

Numark announces the DDS80 the new rack-mountable standard for DJ performance using digital media. The DDS80 comes with two components that make it perfect for DJing weddings, clubs or other performances using CDs, USB hard drives, iPod, or nearly any digital media via USB.

DDS80 is the complete DJ system for live performance with the industry’s fastest, most intuitive interface. The DDS80 delivers a powerful next-generation DJ system using two rack-mountable components: DDS and the DDS Drive. Unlike previous DJ gear, the DDS80 delivers everything DJs need so they can perform a set while leaving their laptop at home.

Numark’s DDS is a rack-mountable media player created for DJ performance and is ideal for all DJ environments. The DDS was designed using feedback from professional working DJs and includes all of the essentials like pitch-shift, key lock, scratch, loop and lightning-fast track lookup. Advanced views like track profiling give new dynamic and control to hardware performance. Best of all, DDS is built with the same stunning color screen, powerful DJ engine and has the same unique Crate workspace used in Numark’s popular iDJ2 workstation.

Powerful tools such as the Crate and Profile View offer a digital slant on traditional DJ methods. The Crate can be used to prepare and arrange a set in advance, during performance or a mixture of both. The Profile View offers a fast visual cueing aid, much like looking at the grooves on a record, only better.

DDS Drive
The DDS80 also includes Numark’s DDS Drive media rack, which greatly expands media options by using the simplicity of USB. DJs can connect the DDS to the DDS Drive and access the removable and upgradeable 80GB hard drive, or DVD/CD-ROM drive to play all of their audio CDs.

Live performances are enhanced thanks to the ability to work with nearly any kind of media. DDS Drive connects directly to a computer, allowing quick and easy transfer of a music library for optimized performance. For live performances, DJs can leave their computer at home and let the DDS Drive and DDS do all the heavy lifting. With an iPod, thumb drive or any Mac or Windows formatted USB drive, DJs can connect their media to the DDS along with the DDS Drive and all of their music tracks will be available in one convenient place.

The DDS80 is a powerhouse, cutting-edge system that combines the rock-solid DJ performance features of the DDS, with the convenience and speed of a full-featured dedicated media rack.

DDS80 is due at retailers in Q2-2008.

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