A facelift for the Allen and Heath Xone:3D

Allen and Heath have announced that the Xone:3D will be replaced by the … Xone:4D. The Xone:4D will replace the Xone:3D in all shipments made from the end of May 2008 onwards. The Xone:4D utilises the new USB 2.0 soundcard which is now in production in the Xone:2D, which offers much greater capability and flexibility over the previous version.

A summary of the new features:
• Totally new USB2 soundcard
• 24bit/96kHz capability
• Drivers available for both PC and Mac
• 4 stereo outputs plus digital out
• 4 stereo inputs plus digital in
• 8 extra soundcard configuration switches remove the need for the desktop configuration utility of the :3D
• Ability to switch FX2 RCA sockets to be recording outputs
• Unique real-time LFO waveform edit function
• Dual layer control surface with control snapshot allows 225 mappable MIDI controls across the two layers.
• Updated mixer circuitry
• Improved BPM detection system
• Heavy duty chassis and front panel

The new 4D will do everything that the 3D could do, and more. It will enable DJs to greatly extend the capability of their digital setup, e.g. by running 4 simultaneous decks in Native Instruments Traktor, or by being able to achieve genuine multi-track recording of their sets in applications such as Ableton Live or ProTools.

Pricing is expected to be around the 1900 Euro (incl. VAT).

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