Introducing Total Workstation Rack by IK and Muse Research

IK Multimedia and Muse Research is proud to announce the release of Total Workstation Rack, a hybrid of two powerful music production tools, IK’s Total Workstation line (powered by SampleTank) and Muse’s hardware plug-in player, Receptor. This unique combination of hardware and software together makes for one of the most powerful sound modules ever made!

Total Workstation Rack gives you instant access to:
SampleTank® 2.5
Sonik Synth 2™
Miroslav Philharmonik™

That’s over 10,000 sample-based sounds of the highest quality audio from every instrument category! The Total Workstation Rack delivers these amazing sounds with pristine audio performance, super low latency, full synth and effects’ editing and unmatched versatility for creating layers and splits. For the ultimate in flexibility, you may edit and save these new sounds for instant recall using a simple MIDI program change message from your keyboard or controller.

A revolutionary instrument for Live Stage Performances
On stage, the Total Workstation Rack behaves exactly like a hardware synth but with incomparable sound range and quality, due to SampleTank’s super-efficient sound engine coupled with Receptor’s high-performance host environment. Your sounds will load AND respond quickly, thanks to Receptor’s superior audio I/O and MIDI implementation with proprietary, low-latency drivers.

Inspirational magic to enhance your creativity in the studio
Whether you play keyboards, drums, guitars or compose or engineer music, you know that the ideal musical tool lets you “live in the moment” and deliver sounds that are “just right” with a minimum of fuss. That’s exactly what the Total Workstation Rack provides – inspirational sounds without the hassle. Also, in the studio, the Total Workstation Rack can be integrated with any DAW as a normal instrument plug-in using Muse’s UniWire technology, without putting that extra strain on your computer’s CPU, allowing for extremely rich, complex arrangements.

Availability & Price:
The Total Workstation Rack is available for purchase online directly through the IK Multimedia and Muse Research websites, and is also available for purchase from selected dealers around the world.

Total Workstation Rack is available for only €1,599.99 (exc. taxes).

Total Workstation

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