Native Instruments announces Deep Transformations

Native Instruments today released DEEP TRANSFORMATIONS, an innovative KORE SOUNDPACK that turns KORE 2 and the free KORE PLAYER into a creative sound processor for live performance and studio productions.

Utilizing the powerful sound engines integrated in KORE, the new sound pack provides 150 sophisticated multi-effect combinations that can colour, transform and mangle any audio material in inspiring and unexpected ways. The advanced control features of KORE make DEEP TRANFORMATIONS an especially intuitive sound shaping tool for musicians, producers and DJs.

With the integrated engines of ABSYNTH, FM8, GUITAR RIG and REAKTOR as well as its own high-quality internal effects, KORE 2 and KORE PLAYER provide outstanding sound processing capabilities that are now fully explored with DEEP TRANSFORMATIONS for the first time. The advanced audio and MIDI routing in KORE has been used to construct a wide range of unique and unusual effects such as FM Sound Generator, Talking Ring Modulator, Artefact Creator, Enveloped Distortion, Formant Delays, Vinyl Effects and more.

Every effect processor in DEEP TRANFORMATIONS is equipped with a clear and intuitive set of controls, which give direct access to all essential sound parameters and map easily to any MIDI hardware controller. Sophisticated multi-assignments and the versatile Sound Variations feature of KORE 2/KORE PLAYER allow both smooth and drastic multi-dimensional changes in tone and texture using just a single controller knob or automation parameter. All presets are also outfitted with KoreSound metadata that make them instantly accessible through the KORE Sound Browser, integrating DEEP TRANFORMATIONS seamlessly into any KORE SOUNDPACKS collection.

DEEP TRANSFORMATIONS is available for download purchase in the NI Online Shop for a suggested retail price of $79 / EUR 69.

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