Numark announces 2.1 version of EZ Vinyl Converter 2

Numark announces that the all-new 2.1 version of EZ Vinyl Converter 2 with automatic track separation is now shipping with each Numark USB turntable.

EZ Vinyl Converter 2 greatly simplifies the process of converting old vinyl records to MP3. Version 2.1 of the acclaimed software reads incoming audio from a turntable, listening for spaces between songs and automatically breaking the album into individual tracks, freeing the user from standing by the turntable as the record plays in real time, manually placing track markers.

The program automatically imports the newly created files directly into iTunes. This automated process saves users countless hours of time. No other software makes the vinyl-to-digital conversion process as fast or as easy. EZ Vinyl Converter 2 even comes with a free download of GracenoteĀ® MusicID technology to automatically fill in the artist, album, and song information for PC users.

EZ Vinyl Converter 2 now ships with all Numark USB turntables including TTUSB, TTXUSB, TTi, LP 2 PC and PT-01USB. Current owners of these turntables can download the new version of the software for free at

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