Future Imperfect Sounds announces Drum Sample and Loop Products

Future Imperfect Sounds (www.fisounds.com) announced today the launch of its initial roduct line-up of drum sample and loop products. Available exclusively through the company’s website are two high-fidelity drum-sample offerings and two loop libraries.

Drum Artillery: Rock-Fusion Kit offers a multi-sampled Premier Cabria “fusion” kit complimented by Zildjian cymbals, all recorded at 24 Bit 96khz resolution. The kit is presented in the form of 6 customized kits for Native Instruments Battery, 6 presets for Ableton’s Drum Rack, as well as raw waves for use with other samplers. 24 bit 44.1kz versions are also included.

“We wanted to capture a realistic, ‘working-mans’ kit in a small room at superior quality.” says company Creative Director Todd Spear. “We wanted to do so and offer it in formats that could be integrated into the user’s workflow, as opposed to some proprietary ‘rompler’ program soaking up resources. The result is a truly natural drum sound, with multiple velocity layers, that is suitable for the full spectrum of musical styles.”

The second offering in the series is Drum Artillery: Electrothermal Kits – 25 high-res monolithic kits for Battery. The kits are created from original, synthesized drum sounds, and captured in 24 Bit 96khz quality.

“I think musicians and producers across a variety of genres will be inspired by Electrothermal Kits,” Spear continued. “These kits are designed to integrate into your productions, not to stiffle your own ideas. There is really no other drum sample library quite like it.”

Drum Odyssey 24/96 offers 1,800 ACIDized wave loops for use in various electronic genres, while Pestilence 24/96 specializes in Industrial drum styles. All loops are distributed as two-bar high-res 24/96 and CD quality 16/44 formats.

Company Chief Engineer Kevin Cowart had this to say – “Our product line was created out of necessity. We were simply dissatisfied with all the other drum products currently on the market. As musicians ourselves, we set out to create the products that we dreamed of. At this point I can say honestly that we attained that and more.”

-Drum Artillery Rock-Fusion $39.95
-Drum Artillery: Electrothermal Kits $24.95
-Drum Odyssey $29.95
-Pestilence $19.95

Future Imperfect Sounds

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